Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Package Design

This is an article I absolutely love. I came across it on while researching for a current package design project. It is relevant to both brand managers and consumers. This link also reminds me of my awesome find at my favorite store (For the Love of Chocolate) in Richmond. I found a single serving nutella package that was just as much appealing as a great business building idea. I was interested in what other packaging nutella does. I found some interesting ways they repackaged the same product over and over again to keep their consumers hooked on the stuff. It isn't always product innovation that keeps consumers interested. Sometimes what keeps them interested is the way the brand packages themselves. This can not work for all brands, but Nutella seems to pull it off pretty well.

Powerful Packaging Design Link

Nutella single serving with spatchela from For the Love of Chocolate
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