Monday, March 24, 2008

google is cool, BUT ChaCha is cooler

In my creative brand management class I am working on a semester long white paper project on the future of online retailing. While researching this topic I came across what I believe to be the future of the online search engine. ChaCha is the human search engine. It is the only search engine of its kind. I like to call it my personal search secretary. A live person (guide) does the searching for me. I can also chat with the live guide to help them understand exactly what I am looking for. These two-way conversations are the key to searching success. Instead of consumers talking to the brand, the brand needs to talk back. The results come out much more specific than a google search would. Another great thing about this website is that it automatically saves my searches for up to 60 days. I can't remember how many times I wish I could have gone back to previous searches.

Thank you ChaCha for making my life a whole lot easier!

Oh yeah..did I forget to mention this service is free?

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